We are in Algeria, Chile, Peru, Ethiopia and China

We are all quite busy at the moment. Rob is currently in Algeria training teachers to use coursebooks to their fullest and to create supplementary materials. Claire will be in Chile and Peru for the next two weeks carrying out Quality Assurance and Development visits to Laureate Universities on behalf of Bell Cambridge. The aim is to gain a comprehensive overview of the Universities English language programmes in terms of their quality and to identify areas that require improvement. During her trip she will be visiting Laureate Universities in Santiago, Vina del Mar, Trujillo and Lima. Alistair is preparing for a language testing training course in Ethiopia for the Peacekeeping English Project (PEP). He will be leaving for Addis Ababa at the end of this week. Later in December he will be joining me in China to deliver a language testing course at the China Police Peacekeeping Training Centre in Langfang in Hebei Province.

Algerian Classroom