Updated Publications

We’ve updated our publications on the McIlwraith Education website. It now has the thirteen books we have had published, a range of over twenty articles in books and journals and samples of our conference presentations. The books include Rob’s latest in The English Ideas Project series and Claire’s co-authored book on Blended Learning in ELT. Apart from the books I’ve edited, I have also included research that our former colleague, Alistair Fortune, now retired, and I carried out into the Primary and Secondary education systems in Egypt as well as two non-ELT books. The first of these is an oral history of the crofting community in North Uist in the Western Isles of Scotland and my self-help book, Coping with Bereavement.

The articles range from the use of the e-Delphi technique in ELT research to Language-in-Education planning in Tunisia and the Common European Framework.

The presentations include investigations into Blended Learning and English Language Policy Implementation in Egypt and Colombia.