UNICEF and MoEST move forward with EMI Implementation

St Jude's Primary School, JubaWe are delighted to learn that UNICEF and the South Sudan Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MoEST) have agreed to move forward with implementation for the Primary English Language Policy plans that we drew up. Our plan was based on an extensive baseline survey we carried out across five of South Sudan’s ten states in 2015. In terms of implementation, there needs to be trained human resources to draw upon to move forward. These resources are English language trainer trainers and English language testers who will be able to provide long-term sustainability of MoESTs EMI ambitions. It is envisaged that these two cadres of professionals will work in tandem, although on two different project strands, towards the same EMI goal.

Stage 1 (Foundation) of the Policy Implementation includes a Needs Survey and Pilot Preparation phases. The first step is planned to be the creation of a cadre of 30 trained teacher trainers because, without teacher trainers, no training, or pilot, is possible. These trained trainers will be responsible for training trainee teachers as described in the Implementation Plan, i.e. teachers at P1-P3, P4-P8 and Specialist EFL teachers.