We have over 45 years combined experience in delivering and designing tests. We offer specialised testing services from primary to tertiary levels for Ministries of Education and Defence and at universities, colleges and schools. We have worked with major international exams systems as examiners, with Edinburgh University developing online English language entrance testing for international postgraduate students, on secondary school leaving exams, for example, in Latvia, and with NATO STANAG and United Nations Testing Teams in China, Central Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa.

  • We can help you design specialised paper-based and online tests, and train your teachers and testers in test development so that they produce, valid, reliable and secure tests.
  • We offer item moderation services with our Secure Test Item Moderation Unit (STIMU), where we can review test items online, or we can lead face-to-face item moderation workshops in your country. We also offer statistical analysis of test items.
  • We are committed to innovation in testing, as can be seen in our new Integrated Scenario-based Competency Tests (ISBCT) project. Please contact us for further details.