Consultancies by McIlwraith Education

Mozambique: Ministry of Public Service

Clients: Autoridade Nacional da Função Pública/Ministry of Public Service and British Council (Mozambique)

Mozambique is a Portuguese-speaking country in southern Africa. It is surrounded by English-speaking states, which are all part of the South African Development Community (SADC). Initially, we were asked by the Mozambique government through the Autoridade Nacional da Função Pública (ANFP) to find out how English language could be introduced as a language for high-ranking public officials to use in order for them to carry out their international duties. We analysed the socio-economic pressure for language change in Mozambique and suggested ends/means specifications for curriculum renewal and teacher training.

Later, we carried out an extensive needs analysis of civil servants in eight of Mozambique’s government ministries, Maputo Provincial Government and two government civil service training institutes on behalf of the Ministry of Public Service. Staff ranged from administrative to senior executive. The recommendations were set in the context of Mozambique’s strategic English language needs for co-operating within the SADC.