PELT Montenegro Evaluation

Last week I was in Montenegro evaluating the work of the PELT project, which has been running for three years and is due to finish this time next year. I talked to officials at the MOD and visited the Masline Barracks in the capital, Podgorica. I also made separate trips to the main MOD training centre in Danilovgrad and the Mountain Company in Kolašin. The aim was to see the progress of the teaching and learning of English in the Montenegrin Armed Forces (MAF) and to make recommendations as to what needs to be done before the project closes.

I had very constructive talks with teachers in the system as well as IT specialists, learners and unit commanders. In all the meetings I attended, there was agreement that there has been marked progress in the overall provision of English language teaching and learning for the MAF as compared to 2013 when an initial needs analysis was conducted. My thanks go to Jasmina Alkovic of the British Council who co-ordinated the visit and, especially, all of the teachers and also Lt. Col. Petar Ducic and Capt. Sanja Pejovic of the MOD. It was a thoroughly enjoyable few days.

Kosalin Visit