Our Work

We provide a wide range of services for government ministries, NGOs and international organisations, such as Ministries of Education and Defence across four continents, DfID, individual British Embassies, UNICEF, the UN Peacekeeping Centre in China, and the British Council.

You can read more about our work below.

English Language Policy

  • We have advised the UK Cabinet Office on policy related to English language standards for public sector workers as well as providing comprehensive, evidence-based advice on national English language policies for Tunisia, North Korea, South Sudan, Mozambique, Bangladesh and Colombia.
  • We conduct needs analyses at local, district and national levels, working with Ministries of Education, NGOs, schools, employers and parents to investigate existing uses of English. We then develop strategies of English use in collaboration with ministry officials, academics, researchers, trainers and teachers.

Scoping Studies

  • We have conducted extensive situation and needs analyses in relation to English language teaching and learning for clients (e.g. the British Council and DfID) in Bangladesh, the Caribbean, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Libya and throughout the Balkans. We have also provided advice to both the UK and Scottish governments on English language policy.

Monitoring and Evaluation

  • We have provided comprehensive end of project evaluations in Bangladesh and reviewed English language teaching programmes across the Balkans. We have also reviewed English language teaching and learning for Ministries of Education in Egypt, South Sudan, North Korea, and the throughout the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) for Ministries of Education and the British Council. 
  • We hold professional qualifications from abdi (www.abdi.eu.com) on planning, measuring and reporting the performance and impact of projects. 

Peacekeeping English

  • Since 1999 we have managed, trained or advised on Peacekeeping English Projects in 15 countries for Ministries of Defence, the UN, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), and the British Council, including Bosnia & Herzegovina, China, Colombia, Estonia, Ethiopia, Uzbekistan and Ukraine.
  • We support military educational institutions in improving their language teaching operations with training and expertise; and we have recently published a 200-hour pre-deployment course for soldiers going on multinational peacekeeping operations. 

Teacher and Trainer Training

  • We design and deliver short, tailored in-country workshops for English teachers on topics such as English Language Teaching Methodology; Materials Development; Testing and Evaluation; and Teaching with Technology.
  • We also provide trainer training for more experienced teachers embarking on the journey to becoming a trainer.  

English Language Testing

  • Since 1999, we have trained teams and helped design NATO STANAG 6001 English language tests for international peacekeepers throughout Central Europe, Ethiopia and China. In Bangladesh, we reviewed English language tests for BBC Media Action as part of the DFID’s £50 million 10 year English in Action project, which was developed as a concept by McIlwraith Education.
  • We review national English language tests for Ministries of Education and for Ministries of Defence. We train teams of testers to develop English language tests for use high-stakes proficiency tests as well as those for classrooms for both paper-based and online platforms.

Materials Development

  • We train teachers in collaborative materials development for paper-based and Moodle-based courses.
  • We have developed materials and courses with newly qualified and experienced teachers at Military and Police Academies and other institutions in Central & Eastern Europe, Algeria and Iraq.

Small-Scale Research

  • We conduct comprehensive research for Ministries of Education which we have done in Egypt, South Sudan and across the MENA region. We have also led small teams of researchers including for the Iraq Ministry of Interior as part of a DFID-funded project and a team of 30 researchers investigating English language use in classrooms in Ethiopia, Rwanda, South Sudan and Nigeria.

Editing Books, Articles and Papers

  • At McIlwraith Education, we have decades of experience in proofreading and editing academic texts. Our services includeediting services include copy editing, content editing and checking citations. We are expert at editing academic journal articles, books, collections of conference papers, and dissertations and theses