I have published widely on many aspects of English Language Teaching. In addition, I have decades of experience in proofreading and editing academic texts. Services include include copy editing, content editing and checking citations. I am expert at editing academic journal articles, books, collections of conference papers, and dissertations and theses.

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Articles and Chapters

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Selected Conference Presentations

  • McIlwraith, H. 2016. English in Egypt: An Insight. Paper presented at the UK-Egypt ELT in Egypt Partnerships Forum, 7 March 2016, London, UK.
  • McIlwraith, H. 2015. Primary English Language Policy and Implementation. Paper presented at the South Sudan Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MoEST) Alternative Education Systems (AES) Thematic Working Group Conference, 30 June 2015, Juba, South Sudan.
  • McIlwraith, H. 2015. Reflections, Challenges and Perceptions on Implementing the Armed Forces Language Policy. Paper presented at the Expodefensa Feria Internacional de Defensa y Seguridad, 2 December 2015, Bogota, Colombia.