Peacekeeping English

McIlwraith Education has unparalleled experience in the field of Peacekeeping English with our background in the British Council’s Peacekeeping English Project since 1999 in Bulgaria, Uzbekistan & Tajikistan, Kazakhstan & Kyrgyzstan, Bosnia & Herzegovina (BiH), Ukraine, and Estonia, and since then with our work for the British Council, British Embassies, Ministries of Defence and Peacekeeping Centres in such places as the Western Balkans, Central Asia, China, Namibia and Ethiopia. Examples of our work in Peacekeeping English are detailed below.

Scoping Studies

Claire conducted an extensive scoping study to determine the ELT needs of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2014) and a scoping study in BiH for the MoD and Armed Forces (2016).

Language Policy

From April 2014 to December 2015 Hamish helped shape an English language policy for the Columbian Ministry of Defence and Police previously developed by the British Council.

Teacher Training

McIlwraith Education is very active in training military teachers in teaching methodology, syllabus design, course and materials development, test development. The McIlwraith Education team ran a UK-based course for newly trained Iraqi police teachers from Baghdad Police College and Higher Institute on ELT methodology and materials development in March 2008. In the Western Balkans between 2012 and 2017, the McIlwraith Team implemented the Programme for English Language Training (PELT) for the British Council in Serbia, Montenegro and (the now) Republic of North Macedonia, providing teacher & trainer training, organising two regional PELT conferences, supporting the English teachers in the development of Moodle courses and planning and evaluating the project. Since then, McIlwraith Education has continued to work in Serbia and North Macedonia directly for the British Embassies in Skopje and Belgrade to train teachers in these countries, and testers In North Macedonia, Claire also ran several workshops for English teachers at the National Guard Institutes in Uzbekistan & Tajikistan in 2018 & 2019.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Project monitoring and evaluation is a key area for McIlwraith Education as project success depends on robust monitoring and evaluation. In 2004, Hamish conducted an evaluation of the entire British Council Peacekeeping English Project across 25 countries on behalf of the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, UK MoD and British Council. Between April and December 2005, Hamish assessed forces of change on Ukraine’s uniformed services education system on behalf of the NATO Liaison Office Ukraine, the British Council and Ukrainian Ministry of Defence. Claire visited BiH in 2008 to evaluate the English language provision in the BiH MoD & Armed Forces and  conducted an extensive review of the English language teaching provision in the Montenegrin MoD and Armed Forces and drew up a 3-year ELT action plan in 2013. Hamish later conducted an evaluation of the Montenegrin MOD and British Council ‘Programme for English Language Training’ project in 2016.In 2013, Hamish provided the UK Defence Attaché with an independent assessment of the British Council’s Peacekeeping English Project in Ethiopia. More recently, Claire evaluated the ELT needs of the Republic of Uzbekistan’s higher military education establishments In 2018.


Hamish delivered a series of English language test development courses at the China Peacekeeping Police Training Centre in Hebei Province for the British Council between 2014 & 2016.   Rob worked with the North Macedonian STANAG Testing Team (for the British Embassy in Skopje) to moderate the reading and listening test items for STANAG level 2 & 3 tests in 2018 & 2019, and helped revise the speaking and writing scales.

Direct Teaching

Rob also worked on three direct teaching courses in Windhoek with the Namibian Armed Forces for the British Council in 2015, 2016 and 2018. On the 2018 course he trialled his pre-deployment course: English for Tactical and Peacekeeping Operations.