Moodle in the Cold

During the coldest January in 10 years, Rob and Mirjana Ivancev, a skilled trainer from Serbia, led a Moodle materials writing seminar in Skopje (9th to 13th January) for the STANAG Testing Team and teachers from the Centre for Foreign Languages and Military Academy. In an intensive week of work, the testers created a site of information about the STANAG test, including practice materials, for test takers, while the teachers created a course of materials to accompany their Level 3 English Course. Each of the seven Level 3 units has a grammar and vocabulary task to revise the language of the unit, as well as reading, listening and writing tasks to practice skills. The course now needs to be trialled and reviewed. The materials will be presented and shared with other PELT countries at the up-coming Regional Conference, which will be held in Belgrade at the very beginning of March. This is something that all of us are very involved in at the moment. We are helping to create the conference themes and advising on who might be good people to invite. Among this year’s speakers will be George Pickering, a hugely experienced consultant with a particular interest in CPD, and Emilija Nesheva who is State Expert in the Education and Qualification Department of the Human Resources Management Directorate of the Bulgarian Ministry of Defense as well as being Secretary of the NATO’s Bureau for International Language Co-ordination (BILC).

Moodle Training 3