Collaborations and Consultancies

There have been a few developments over the last few weeks. We have been working with our colleagues at the Norwich Institute for Education (NILE) to see how we might collaborate more closely on international consultancies. We are confident that we will be able to use our teams’ expertise on a number of different projects over the coming months. We have also been busy with Peacekeeping English consultancies. Claire is getting ready to follow up on the trainer training sessions she delivered at the Cadet College in Sylhet, Bangladesh earlier this year, while Rob has been in Macedonia. Last month, he led training for ten teachers and testers from the Centre for Foreign Languages, the Military Academy and the STANAG Testing Team in Skopje. The topics for the five-day workshop were the testing of Speaking and Writing. The participants drafted, trialled and revised STANAG Speaking and Writing Ratings scales for Levels 1 – 3 [including + levels]. Four candidates were interviewed, videotaped and evaluated in mock examinations. The new Writing Scales were trialled on sets of candidate scripts from STANAG test sessions.  The format and contents of the STANAG Speaking and Writing examinations were discussed by the group and suggestions for revisions were made. The group also developed, trialled and revised the Centre’s Speaking and Writing Achievement Test Rating Scales for Levels 1 – 5 as well as evaluating and suggesting improvements to the tests themselves.

Skopje 2016