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PEP DRC and Book Review in ReCALL

Alistair is currently in the Democratic Republic of Congo conducting an evaluation of the British Council managed PEP project there. After a few days in Kinshasa, he will be spending the next week at one of the project’s training centres in Kananga. It’s also excellent to see that Claire had a good review of ‘Blended Learning in English Language Teaching: Course Design and Implementation’, the book she edited with Brian Tomlinson in the latest issue of the Cambridge journal ReCALL.

Language and Development Conference Papers Published

I am delighted that the Cape Town Language and Development conference papers I edited have just been published by the British Council. The design team have done a really good job. It’s a busy time. Claire and Rob have come back from Algeria and South America and Alistair and I will be crossing each other at Edinburgh Airport tomorrow as he comes back from PEP testing training in Ethiopia and I fly out to the UN Police Training Centre in Langfang in China.

English to Go!

This week Claire is delivering a session at the ‘English to Go – Successful Blended Language Learning’ Conference in Magdeburg, which is being organised by British Council and the State Institute for Quality in Education and Teacher Training of Saxony-Anhalt. Her talk is on blended learning course design and how to approach it in a principled way. She will outline the 24 design-related questions that practitioners should consider when developing their blends. These are outlined in ‘Blended Learning in English Language Teaching: Course Design and Implementation’, which she co-edited with Brian Tomlinson. She will also summarise the advice given by 20 case study authors in the publication on blended learning course design.

Cape Town Papers, Kurdistan, Serbia and Bangladesh

Alistair is currently in Kurdistan, the autonomous region of northern Iraq, continuing our work on higher education systems there. Claire has just come back from Bangladesh where she examined state Alia madrasah education; soon she will return to Kazakhstan to work on a number of projects there. Rob is carrying on our support to develop online education for the MOD in Serbia and I am in the final stages of editing papers from academics who presented at the Cape Town Conference. Soon the collected texts will go for final proofing and setting before being published later this year.

Training on Tara Mountain

Alistair and I have just come back from three days of trainer training with teachers from the Serbian MOD and General Staff at a venue on Tara Mountain. This was part of PELT planned activity. One of the next stages will be helping develop e-learning materials with our Serbian colleagues. In this task, we can make use of Claire’s recently published book on Blended Learning that she edited with Brian Tomlinson…

March 20 Launch for MENA Perspectives collection at the ESU

I’m delighted that the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Perspectives collection of research papers I edited will be officially launched at an evening event on 20 March at the English Speaking Union in London. The papers have been produced by both established academics and those at the very beginning of their careers. They were gathered together at a time of enormous upheaval across the MENA Region, but the researchers were still able to tackle a broad range of topics: interfaith dialogue; the influence of English on individuals’ life chances; social inclusion; and English in the workplace. It makes for an interesting read…

Alistair Ready to Fly to DR Congo

Had a very good meeting yesterday with McIlwraith Education associate Alistair Fortune who is off to the Democratic Republic of Congo for three weeks to hold the fort for the Peacekeeping English Project while the current manager is away. It’s a challenging environment as Danny Whitehead’s British Council ‘Dreams and Realities‘ paper outlines…